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DreamBIG Poster Competition

Design our festival's hero image!

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DreamBIG, South Australia’s beloved children’s festival, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary from May 7 – 17 2025. Applications for the DreamBIG poster competition have now closed.

During term 1 2024, R-12 students around the state were invited to participate in our poster competition reflecting the 2025 theme –  ‘I was, I am, I will be’. The winning artwork will be professionally adapted and reproduced for the 2025 Festival poster, advertising, signage and resources.

The winning entrant will receive:

  • The opportunity to see their artwork adapted by a professional designer to create the DreamBIG 2025 hero image
  • A $500 gift voucher from an arts supplies store

Participation prizes are available for school/s who demonstrate a high level of learning experiences for students through engagement with the Poster Competition.

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Entry criteria

  • South Australian students from Reception to Year 12 are eligible to enter.
  • Entries must be received by 5pm Thursday 11 April 2024 (Week 11, Term 1)
  • Entries must meet the following criteria:
    • The artwork must be the student's original work, created during Term 1, 2024.
    • The artwork must reflect the DreamBIG Festival’s 2025 theme ‘I was, I am, I will be’.
    • The artwork must be original. It cannot incorporate elements, images or concepts created by another person (i.e. visual features of shape, configuration, pattern, and ornamentation). Pre-existing characters from film, TV or comics, and AI generated imagery are not to be included. For more information related to design and copyright laws, refer to factsheets provided by the Australian Copyright Council .
    • You may use coloured pencils, markers, paint, POSCA paint, colour slicks, pastels, collage. Do not use messy or bulky materials such as glitter, stickers or felt.
    • Digital artworks are permitted using drawing apps such as Sketchbook, Adobe Fresco, Krita, Clip Studio Paint, and Painter. The image must be provided in full resolution (300dpi).
    • The artwork should demonstrate sound consideration and use of the design elements and principles.
    • Submissions must be A4 size only.
    • Entries unaccompanied by a Poster Competition Entry Form and a completed Artist Information and Statement Form will be deemed ineligible.

Judging panel

A panel of judges, consisting of the DreamBIG Creative Producer, key members of the DreamBIG team, and Department for Education staff will meet to determine the winning entry in May 2024.

The judges’ rulings are final and without appeal.

When judging submissions, the judges will be considering the following:

  • Suitability of the artwork to be adapted into a poster, as well as various other marketing assets
  • Expression of the theme ‘I was, I am, I will be’
  • Imagery used
  • The artwork abides by the entry criteria

The winning entry will be notified by July 2024, and the winning artwork will be launched with the release of the DreamBIG Schools Program in September 2024. 

How to submit entries

A4 entries were to be submitted as hard copies (no photocopies or scans). However, if an electronic submission needed to be used, the image needed to be provided in full resolution 300dpi.

To assist with the paperwork required to submit entries, we suggested:

  • Only collect entry forms for the artworks selected as finalists within your school, rather than all participants.
  • Only submit entries that meet all the criteria and have all the permissions granted.
  • Allow enough time to finish the artworks, select finalists, collect the entry forms, complete the School Participation Summary and organise delivery/postage prior to 5pm Thursday 11 April (week 11, term 1 2024).
  • Schools that participate but do not send in finalist entries are asked to email in their School Participation Summary to

Please note that entries will not be returned.

Select up to 5 of the best entries from your class (if you are the only class participating in your school). Do not submit a full class set.

Each entry must be placed in a plastic envelope containing:

These forms must be submitted in addition to the artwork – do not write on the front or back of the artwork.

Your entries are required to be accompanied by a School Participation Summary.

Select up to 30 entries for your school, regardless of how many classes participated.

Each entry must be placed in a plastic envelope containing:

These forms must be submitted in addition to the artwork – do not write on the front or back of the artwork

Your entries are required to be accompanied by a School Participation Summary.

Students may submit their own entry outside of school participation, if, for example they are home-schooled, or their class is not participating. Individuals can submit a maximum of one entry. The following templates support individual entrants develop their artwork:

These have been adapted with permission from ‘Design on Demand’ (year 4, unit 6, integrated arts unit of work), Department for Education, Government of South Australia.

Each entry must be placed in a plastic envelope containing:

These forms must be submitted in addition to the artwork – do not write on the front or back of the artwork.

Entries needed to be submitted the following ways:

Department for Education school courier delivery Postal delivery to In person delivery
Dept Courier: R11/37A Cherie Broad, Manager - Arts Projects inc. DreamBIG. Curriculum Programs Directorate, Curriculum and Learning Division. Department for Education GPO Box 1152 Adelaide SA 5001 Education Support Hub, 8 Milner St, Hindmarsh. Please do not leave parcels in the foyer, call Cherie Broad to collect on 8463 5994.

For further information, please contact:

Cherie Broad, Manager - Arts Projects inc. DreamBIG

Tips from Adelaide Festival Centre’s Design Team:

  • Think ‘outside the box’ and avoid literal interpretations of the theme ‘I was, I am, I will be’.
  • Go beyond illustrating an idea; consider telling a story on several different levels.
  • The artwork doesn’t have to make sense, it could be part of a dream, or an imagined universe.
  • Consider creating a character (or several, or a family of characters) to visually describe what is happening. The character doesn’t have to be real; it can be imagined. It can be a creature; it doesn’t have to conform to any conventions e.g., it could have 3 legs, wings, a snorkel. Consider if the character is wearing anything e.g., a costume or a special outfit. The character might carry or use an object to help tell the story. A way to develop a character is to give it a name and personality through the display of emotion, or a specific action.
  • Be creative with the use of colour. Grass doesn’t have to be green, and the sky doesn’t have to be blue. Rather than using all colours, choose a selection with variation in the shades or tones of those colours.
  • The use of patterns or shapes can enhance an illustration.
  • Consider the background. Where is the illustration set? Is it a forest, the beach, or in space. Is a background setting needed? A single colour, shapes or pattern may reinforce what is happening in the main part of the image.

See below examples of how previous winners’ work have been adapted into hero images and posters.

Teacher resources

In Term 1 2024, explore the festival theme ‘I was, I am, I will be’ with your students. Schools are encouraged to get multiple classes involved - why not exhibit and vote within your school community?

Schools that complete the School Participation Summary are eligible for participation prizes. The panel will acknowledge a school/s that reflect a high level of authentic participation and learning through the experience.

'Design on Demand' Unit of Work

The ‘Design on Demand’ integrated Visual Arts and Media Arts unit will support you to facilitate the Poster Competition in your classroom. Adopt or adapt as necessary for the year levels and learning context of those participating. The unit includes:

  • guidelines for the use of Aboriginal cultural material
  • a design portfolio students can use to develop their work
  • brainstorm task cards.

The ‘Design on Demand’ - Department for Education Curriculum Resource: The Arts, Year 4, Unit 6 Integrated Visual Arts and Media Arts is accessible via EDi and Plink. Department for Education and Catholic Education teachers have access to the units, and some Independent schools have access. Use this guide for assistance accessing the unit of work, including how Independent schools can gain access.

The following templates have been created for individual entrants, which teachers can also use:

These have been adapted with permission from ‘Design on Demand’, Department for Education, Government of South Australia.

Entry forms and other resources

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